Ethos was set up in 2001 as a collaboration between the Terramarès science consultancy (an international group of consultants on terrestrial and marine ecosystems) and graphic designers at Visionscape, in a project for the UK government’s Countryside Agency to develop 3-D virtual reality models for assessing future landscapes and renewable energy scenarios.
Ethos is developing these techniques as aides to the planning process at local government level, and for use in schools as an environmental education tool.
Other areas of current interest include:

+ ‘large area conservation’ schemes which envisage ‘rewilding’ (the conservation of natural processes) and the return of formerly exterminated species.

The Ethos Team

Peter Taylor (Click to view CV in PDF format)

Peter Taylor provides the ecological science background for the team. He has extensive experience of research and policy analysis across a wide field of environmental issues, having advised governments, the European Commission, and UN organisations. He has made a significant contribution to international treaties on ocean protection and the development of the precautionary principle. Recent work has included consultancy to UK government agencies and non-government organisations on renewable energy policy and rural issues (he sits on the National Advisory Group for the Community Renewables Initiative (a joint Countryside Agency and DTI programme).

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor combines a background in environmental science with extensive experience in interactive media development. Matt has worked with a range of clients, from small businesses, charities and individuals through to larger corporations. Matt has an expert knowledge of new media applications, web and database development, software engineering and CD-ROM/DVD production, as well as software and hardware support.

Matt designed and developed the ethos uk website.

Richard Fraser

Richard Fraser is a 3-D graphics design specialist. He developed the landscape models for the Countryside Agency’s project ‘Renewable Energy in the landscape of 2050’. His interests also include sustainable housing design and human settlements.

Caroline Duffy

Caroline Duffy is an experienced freelance graphic designer who has worked for companies and charities large and small, creating designs for printed materials of all kinds. She works at expert level on the latest design and imagery applications and has a good understanding of the reprographics process. She is currently branching into new media. She is passionate about environmental issues and the welfare of humans and animals.