Virtual Reality models and planning

Visualising Renewable Energy in the Landscape
The Countryside Agency commissioned Ethos to produce a series of images using virtual reality software.
The project focussed on the kinds of choices faced by communities as Britain begins to take responsibility for sustainable energy supplies and efficient use of natural resources.
Ethos designed and produced a presentation pack which contained a multimedia CD with animated walk-throughs, fly-throughs, hi-resolution images and a Powerpoint presentation, and printed material outlining the issues and displaying the images.

Sustaining Upland Landscapes
ESRC trans-disciplinary seminar, Exeter University. February 2006 (File available for download).

Landscape, Climate and Renewable Energy
Envisioning future options: The use of virtual reality landscapes (paper available for download). Carbon offsets and sequestration in future landscapes (ECOS paper 2005 available for download).

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